What is the Magic Line?

What is the Magic Line?

The Magic Line is a citizen mobilisation in support of people who are in a vulnerable situation. The event is organised in Barcelona, Mallorca and Valencia by Solidaridad Sant Joan de Déu.

The main event of the mobilisation is a non-competitive walk of solidarity, organised by teams that need to reach an economic challenge before the walk in order to participate. This way, it promotes the commitment of the participants with different meaningful actions that not only help the fundraising, but also expands the awareness and the impact of the mobilisation.

Every year hundreds of events supporting the cause are organised all over the territory!


Be a part of the #MagicLine in Barcelona, Mallorca and Valencia

- Make a team from 5 to 20 people
- Carry out fundraising activities in order to reach the economic challenge
- Go out for a walk!

- Registrations opening:  October 25th of 2018
- Magic Line València - February 17th of 2019
- Magic Line Barcelona - February 24th of 2019
- Magic Line Mallorca - April 7th of 2019


Since 2014…

+ 13.000 participants every year

+ 700 volunteers every year

+ 200 contributing organisations

+ 1.000 events carried out by the teams to raise awareness

+ 1.200.000 € raised

+ 100 caring programs