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The Magic Line is an opportunity to create community and work on solidarity and social exclusion within your institute or entity. Participate in the Magic Line as a Community Service project.

We provide you with resources to work in the classroom before participating in the Magic Line., a collection of testimonials and didactic material on vulnerability situations. As well as the school program called "Escuela amiga", for secondary schools, in which we give talks about mental health, addictions, homeless situation or hospitalised children.

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"Participating with students is very positive because it connects the reality of the school with the outside world, and this has a high educational value that goes beyond a walk"

Hug Llàcer
Teacher at Escola Ramon Fuster


Create a School Team 

1. Create a team with 5 to 20 people
2. Choose a team name, a slogan and a picture
3. Pick how many kilometers you want to walk
4. Decide how much money you want to raise 
¡and let the Magic Line SJD begin!


>> In registration Barcelona or Mallorca you will find all of the details about the event.

"The preparation already inspires them a lot, when you get to know a volunteer experience or a beneficiary of Sant Joan de Déu. But the day of the walk, it is pure adrenaline"

Mar Vara
Teacher at INS Les Corts



Be a part of the volunteer team that makes the Magic Line possible: help the participants, put energy along the routes, improve the route surroundings (cleaning the path, etc).

School teams

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