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Frequently asked questions

What do we have to do to participate?

To participate in the Magic Line it is essential to register a team of 4 to 20 people through the website, indicating what route you want to do and your fundraising goal. Then, you must carry out activities to reach this goal and add the funds through your Team Area. In order to participate it is necessary that your team has a minimum of one donation.

What do I need to register my team?

To register a team you must indicate the name, motto, image, route and economic challenge of the team. In addition, it is necessary to add the name, surname, ID, date of birth, gender, email and postal code of at least 5 members. One of the members must be the spokesperson, who must add their personal address and telephone number. If any of the members do not have an email or ID, they can use the one of the spokesperson.

It is important that the postal address of the spokesperson is complete and correct, given that we have to send material to the team.

Do you have to be fit to do the walk?

The Magic Line is a sporting activity and, as such, requires a minimum of physical capacity. Take into account the distance and the elevation when choosing your route as sporting challenge. The 40 km route in Barcelona is very challenging and only suitable for well-trained people. If you choose any of the 20 km routes, it is also recommended to be well-trained.

What is the cost of the registration?

Participating in the Magic Line costs 40€ per team, which allows you to register a team of between 5 and 20 people and enjoy the basic services of the walk. This payment is to finance part of the expenses of the organisation but is not a solidarity donation.

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Get to know the walk details - Valencia.

Get to know the walk details - Murcia.

Why do we have to set a solidarity goal?

The Magic Line is a solidarity mobilisation that promotes the involvement of the participants in a better and fairer society. This participation means that the registered teams commit to raise donations that will be allocated to social programs in support of people who are in a vulnerable situation.

In the Obra Social de Sant Joan de Déu, we work in the areas of: homeless, mental health, intellectual disability, dependency, hospitalised children, biomedical research and international cooperation. Get to know the Funds Destination

How much do we have to raise for our solidarity goal?

It depends on you. Each team chooses their amount, which in no case can be zero. Be realistic, but be positive, ambitious and supportive, and remember, if you put the efforts into it, you will probably end up raising more than you thought you would. As the Magic Line organisers, at Solidaritat Sant Joan de Déu, we suggest to the teams that they set themselves a challenge higher than 50 euros per person. You can check here the financed projects from previous editions of the Magic Line.

Company teams must set a 1000€ goal as the minimum amount for their fundraising efforts. See the Companies section of the website for more information.

Can minors participate?

Of course yes! The Magic Line is a good opportunity to share a day with the family, while making the little ones aware of vulnerability and letting them be a part of a charity activity. In any case, minors can not participate alone: ​​they must have a guardian who is responsible for them.

What is the team area?

The Team Area is a private space for the registered teams from where you can modify the information and members of your team, order products, and explain your fundraising activities, as well as download promotional material.

The login details are chosen by the spokesperson when registering the team. To retrieve them, check the registration confirmation email or get in touch with:

Once enrolled, can we edit the team members?

Yes. In the Team Area you can delete members or modify the details of those already registered. You will be able to add new members as long as there is space on the walk that you are registered with. Remember that each route has a maximum number of participants: when this limit is reached it is no longer possible to register more participants.

How do we raise money?

There are many ways to get donations ... be creative! You can campaign among your family and friends, organise a charity dinner or a party, sell products of the Magic Line or other products that you create yourself. Check the guide with ideas to reach your goal: you will find support to achieve your fundraising goal.

Guide with ideas to reach your goal - Barcelona

Guide with ideas to reach your goal - Valencia

Guide with ideas to reach your goal - Mallorca

Guide with ideas to reach your goal - Murcia

If we do not reach the fundraising goal, can we participate in the walk?

The goal is for all teams to put efforts into actions to meet their challenge or even exceed it. However, if a team does not reach it, they can participate in the walk as long as there is a minimum of one donation.

On the other hand, the corporate teams registered as a company must have reached the minimum challenge of a 1.000€ to be able to start the walk.

How can we use the Magic Line merchandise?

From the Magic Line we offer you products at cost price so that you can sell them and raise funds for your teams, once the products are sold you must make the deposit of the benefits through your Team Area. You can order products from your Team Area once you are registered.

How do we deposit the donation money?

You can make a deposit to a team through the section called 'Donations' that you will find on the home page of the website or through the team area. All the deposits and donations will be made visible on your team scoreboard.

Can we make donations in cash?

All donations are made by card through the Magic Line website. This way, we can manage the event better and offer more transparency to donors. However, if you have money in cash and you do not have the possibility to use a card, you can take it to:

Barcelona: the offices of the Obra Social de Sant Joan de Déu (Calle Puiggarí, 5-7, 4ª, Barcelona).

Valencia: Sant Joan de Déu Serveis Socials València - Calle del Marqués de Montortal, 44

Mallorca: Camí Vell de Bunyola, 9, 07009 Palma de Mallorca

Murcia: Fundación Jesús Abandonado - Av. de Sta. Catalina, 55, 30012 Murcia

How will the money raised by the teams be distributed?

All of the funds raised by the teams will go to the social programs of Sant Joan de Déu to improve care for people in vulnerable situations. After the Magic Line, the organisation will communicate to all participants the beneficiary programs. The funds collected for the walks of Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Valencia and Murcia are allocated to programs in each respective territory.

Get to know the Allocation of the funds with the details of the financed programs from previous editions.

The funds collected for the walk of Murcia are allocated to programs managed by Fundación Jesús Abandonado and San Juan de Dios.

Do donations have tax benefits?

The contributions to the Magic Line are deductible from the IRPF amount according to the proportion and conditions set by the current tax legislation, therefore, in the donation process we will ask for your information.

According to the new tax regulation, the first 150 euros of personal donation have a deduction of 75%. This means that the individual who makes a donation of 100 euros to a team, in the tax return of the following year, this individual will be refunded 75 euros.

If a registered team cannot participate, do they recover the registration fee and funds raised to date?

No. Donations and registration fees are not entitled to a refund. We consider that a gesture of solidarity is a permanent commitment and can not be undone.

We already know what the Magic Line is ... but ... what is NOT the Magic Line?

The Magic Line is not a race, it is not competitive and it is not timed. There are no numbers and no classifications. The Magic Line is not exclusive, it is not rigid, we do not block the streets and it can not be done alone.

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