Participating in the Magic Line Sant Joan de Déu is a different way to promote solidarity in companies, through individual and collective commitment, by being part of a solidarity movement with thousands of other people.

Together, let's see what's the best way for your company to participate. For more information, please contact:

"We have merged two companies and the Magic Line gave us the opportunity for cohesion and teambuilding."

Gemma Perelló, Human Resources Director at IS Global

"We doubled what the employees have fundraised. We have the obligation to give back what society gives to us."

Pere Relats, President of Relats SA



IS Global, Relats, and many other companies such as Atrápalo, Chupa Chups, Danone, La Caixa, Nestlé, Bayer, Mercabarna and the Fira de Barcelona have already participated in the Magic Line experience.

Each company has its own reasons to be part of the Magic Line. What are yours?

- improve the relationships between employees
- increase the pride in being a part of this company and team
- implement the company values
- get involved in the improvement of the community


Make a corporate team, it's easy!

1. Create a team of 5 to 20 people
2. Pick a name, slogan and team picture
3. Choose how many kilometers you want to walk
4. Decide how much money you want to raise (the minimum company goal is 1.000€)
and let the Magic Line SJD begin!


>> On the Barcelona, Mallorca or València registration pages you will find all the event details.

Get involved in the production

The Magic Line SJD is an event with great social and media impact. It is possible thanks to the contributions and collaborations of dozens of companies and institutions.

For more information:

>> Barcelona , Mallorca or València Sponsors

>> Press release Magic Line SJD (in Catalan) 20182017



Corporate teams

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