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Step 1. Registration information

Once registered, you will have Login details with a Password to access your team page, from where you will be able to:

- Inform us about your team solidarity actions

- Edit your team details
- Order products
- Add donations 

1. To create a team, you must register between 5 and 20 people

Once the 5 imperative members have been registered to create the team, with an electronic invitation you will be able to add members to your team until the places of the route in which you have registered are full. Stay tuned to the scoreboard!

Or, if the routes are not full, until February 6th at 12h. When a route is full, information about already enrolled members can be modified.


2. You will have to specify:

Name, slogan and picture of the team:
Be creative, we will use this information for the Magic Line campaign.

Solidarity goal:
You will have to tell us the amount of money that you wish to raise. You will find information (ideas and material) in the Team Area. It is imperative to have donations to participate in the walk.

You can choose between 5, 10 or 20 kilometers.

Members information:
Name, Surname, ID, date of birth, gender, email and zip code of all members. One of the member will be the spokesperson, who must add its postal address and telephone number. If one of the members does not have an email or ID, you can indicate the spokesperson's.


3. Registration costs 40 € per team and must be paid by card.


4. We have specific proposals for schools, recreational education entities, companies and  institutions. More information at


Remember! Registrations are open until February 6th at 12h or when the places of the route which you have registered for are full.