Indications for the day of the walk



Tips for the Magic Line walk

Follow these tips so we can all enjoy the day of the walk.

FREE BUS: on the day of the walk, the Bus lines 6, 8 and 29 will be free of charge for all of the participants wearing the Magic Line neck warmer.



1. Plan the day well to make the most of it; You have all day ahead! Enjoy the picnic space in Castilo de Bellver and try to reach the Parque de Mar by 12.30h to enjoy the final concert.

2. Respect the time and starting point that we've assigned you.

3. The spokesperson of each team will receive a sheet that will allow you to pick up the team material at the departure point of your route. This material includes a neck warmer and a "trail map" for each member of the team.

4. Take food. Depending on your walk, think of the meals you will do. The Magic Line snacks and refreshments supplies are a complement, but in no case are they designed to replace your breakfast or meal.

5. You will find supply points where you will be given water. We recommend you to carry your water bottles as a complement to stay hydrated. 

6. We recommend you to wear a hat and sunscreen. We also recommend to take a raincoat and appropriate footwear, in case of rain forecast.

7. Take a small first-aid kit for minor incidents.

8. Do not wear for the first time new shoes or socks. To avoid blisters you can spray a little vaseline on the soles before walking.

9. The 2km route is declared "suitable for everyone" by the Mallorca Coucil and is therefore accessible to people with reduced mobility and for baby strollers. However, and to make your walk as pleasant as possible, you will find volunteers willing to help you if you have any difficulty.

10. It is possible to carry dogs as long as they comply with the municipal regulations. Help us keep the city clean and remember that animals always have to be on a leash.




1. Wear your neck warmer that identifies you as Magic Line participant. It will allow you to enjoy the snacks and refreshments.

2. Check the "trail map" information and use it to seal your crossing through the controls located at the checkpoints.

3. You will find supply points where you will be offered fruits. 

4. Walk, don't run. The route and schedules of the services are calculated according to the walking participants not for runners. If you run, respect the walking participants and be aware that you might find closed supply and checkpoints.

5. Avoid waste and use the rubish and recycling bins that you will find along the route.

6. Respect traffic lights and signposting. On the urban section, we do not shut the streets.

7. In the Bellver Park do not leave the path, respect the flora and fauna, avoid making too much noise.

8. Follow the instructions of more than 40 support volunteers identified by red chest guards.

9. Along the route, you will find actors, entertainers and other surprises. What we want is for you to enjoy and participate with them. The Magic Line is to enjoy it.

10. Share your Magic Line experience on social networks with the hashtag #MagicLine Mallorca.

11. In case of emergency you can call 112.



1. From 12pm you can enjoy the different activities and performances in the Parque de la Mar.

2. The Magic Line Solidarity Concert will start at 12.30pm in the Parque de la Mar.